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Specialized in frame straightening

Straightening of agricultural vehicles and equipment

Snow removal equipment and vehicle repairs

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Redrex is an industry specialized in the repair of damaged vehicles, frame straightening, and body restoration.

Whether it’s a trailer, trucks, heavy machinery, or agricultural equipment, Redrex can undertake all kinds of repairs thanks to its high-capacity chassis straightening table (400 tons). Whether they are heavy or complex, the work will be carried out with meticulousness and precision, ensuring a successful restoration.

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Discover our wide selection of quality trailers to meet all your transportation needs.

From utility trailers to bulk transport trailers, dump trailers, or any type of heavy-duty trailers, we have everything you need to transport your goods safely. Browse our selection now and find the perfect trailer for you.

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Trusted by the CGER

The Centre de Gestion de l’Équipement Roulant (CGER) places its trust in Redrex for frame straightening in Quebec. Redrex, an expert in the field, contributes to the optimization and performance of heavy vehicles, thus enhancing the efficiency of CGER’s services.

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Photo d'avant d'un projet
Photo d'après d'un projet
Photo d'avant d'un projet
Photo d'après d'un projet
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