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School buses

At Redrex, we understand the importance of safety and efficiency in transporting children to and from school. When a school bus is in need of chassis straightening or any other repairs, it is crucial to address the issues effectively and precisely.

Our experienced team of school bus straightening specialists is ready to respond promptly to restore the functionality of damaged vehicles. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we are able to straighten and repair damaged school buses efficiently and safely.

Frame straightening

Our frame straightening service for school buses aims to restore the structural integrity of their chassis. Our specialists use specialized techniques to correct chassis damage, ensuring the safety and stability of the bus during its use.

Body straightening

Restoration of the appearance and functionality of the damaged body. Our experts use specialized techniques to eliminate dents, scratches, deformations, or aesthetic damages.

  • Axle replacement
  • Tire and wheel replacement
  • Windshield replacement

Specialists in school bus straightening

By choosing our school bus straightening service, you’ll benefit from unparalleled expertise, exceptional quality of work, and dedicated customer service. At Redrex, we are ready to tackle any challenges to provide you with exceptional school bus straightening solutions. Contact us today for more information, request a personalized quote, or schedule a consultation!

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