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Fire trucks and ambulances

If your emergency vehicles have suffered structural damage for any reason, we are able to perform the straightening of your fire trucks and ambulances. We understand the vital importance of these vehicles in the context of emergency response, so our team of highly skilled specialists works quickly and meticulously to restore your fire trucks and ambulances to perfect condition. By choosing Redrex, your emergency vehicles will be back in service in no time.

Frame straightening

If the frame of your fire truck or ambulance has experienced deformations or damages, we use advanced techniques to accurately straighten it. Our goal is to restore the structural stability of your truck for safe operation.

Body straightening

If the body of your fire truck or ambulance has suffered damage, our experienced team can accurately straighten it. We are committed to restoring the appearance and functionality of the body by eliminating dents, deformations, or cracks, ensuring the integrity and performance of these crucial vehicles in emergency situations.

Systems inspection

Our top priority is to ensure that all components of your repaired vehicle are in excellent working condition. We make sure that all systems are in perfect working order to guarantee the reliability and optimal performance of these intervention vehicles.

  • Axle replacement
  • Tire and wheel replacement
  • Windshield replacement

Quick and excellent service

Your safety and the efficiency of your fire trucks and ambulances are our top priority. We are committed to providing fast, reliable, and high-quality service to minimize downtime and enable you to respond with confidence and efficiency during critical moments. Choose the dedicated team at Redrex for the straightening and maintenance of your emergency vehicles!

Ambulance et autres équipements d'urgence

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