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Truck frame straightening

To ensure safety and efficiency, it is crucial that your trucks are always in good condition. At Redrex, we specialize in truck straightening and repair. Over time, various factors such as wear and tear, accidents, and more can cause structural damage that jeopardizes the performance and safety of your trucks.

Our team of specialists in professional truck straightening, regardless of brand or model, is here to assist you. Whether you own medium-duty, heavy-duty, or heavy-duty trucks, semi-trailers, or others, we are ready to restore the strength and structural integrity of your vehicle.

Expert diagnostics

Our team performs a thorough assessment of each truck, precisely identifying areas requiring repairs. With our expertise, we can detect even the subtlest structural issues, providing you with a customized solution.

Frame straightening

If your truck’s chassis has experienced deformation or damage, we utilize advanced techniques to accurately straighten it. Our goal is to restore the structural stability of your truck for safe use.

Cabin straightening

If the cabin of your truck has suffered damage, our team can intervene to straighten and repair it. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to restore its original appearance, ensuring your comfort and safety during your journeys.

Part replacement

Whether it’s axles, windshields, rims, or any other component requiring replacement, we are capable of performing the parts replacement for your truck.

  • Cylinder replacement
  • Dump bed, rim, or budwheel replacement
  • Axle replacement

Specialists in truck repairs

Restore the strength and reliability of your truck with our professional straightening service. At Redrex, we are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your truck straightening project and let our team of experts help you restore its performance and efficiency.

Camion Kenworth blanc avec remorque attachée

Put your trust in Redrex for your frame straightening and repairs