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Industrial and heavy machinery

At Redrex, we understand that your industrial operations rely on robust and reliable equipment. However, when workplace challenges, incidents, or wear and tear stand in your way, it’s time to turn to our industrial equipment straightening service.

As passionate experts who comprehend the urgency of getting your equipment back on track, we possess the field experience necessary to tackle the most complex challenges. Whether it’s straightening twisted frames, repairing broken metal structures, or replacing faulty components, our highly skilled team is ready to intervene. We are capable of performing cab straightening, excavator attachment repairs, bucket repairs, or any other equipment or accessory related to your heavy machinery.

Frame straightening

Our chassis straightening service for industrial and heavy machinery allows you to restore the structural integrity of your equipment. Our experts use advanced techniques to straighten and align the chassis, ensuring optimal stability and safety.

Cabin straightening

If the cabin of your industrial equipment or heavy machinery has suffered damage, our specialized team can effectively straighten it. We ensure to restore the shape and functionality of the cabin, providing you with a comfortable and secure working environment.

Hydraulic system repair

Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair leaks, malfunctions, and other issues related to hydraulic systems, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

Parts replacement

If certain parts of your industrial equipment or heavy machinery are damaged or worn out, we can replace them with quality parts suitable for your equipment, ensuring they meet high performance and durability standards.

  • Forklift straightening
  • Front shovel straightening
  • Compactor roller straightening
  • Accessory attachment

Specialists in heavy machinery

We are committed to providing you with chassis straightening services that exceed your expectations. We are motivated by your success and strive to reduce downtime, minimize costs, and maximize the durability of your equipment. Leave the repair of your industrial equipment and heavy machinery to our energetic and dedicated team.

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Put your trust in Redrex for your frame straightening and repairs