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Snow removal equipment

In Quebec, winters are often intense, and roads need to be quickly cleared of snow. At Redrex, we specialize in straightening and repairing snow removal equipment, ensuring that you can continue your important work.

Heavy-duty work in extreme weather conditions can cause structural damage and affect the performance of your valuable equipment. To ensure that you can continue clearing the roads and maintaining the safety of the population during harsh winters, trust our qualified team to swiftly restore your equipment.

Frame straightening

Our frame straightening service for snow removal equipment aims to restore the strength and structural stability of your vehicle. Our experts use advanced techniques to correct any damages suffered by the chassis, ensuring optimal performance during snow removal operations.

Body straightening

If the body of your snow removal equipment has sustained damage, our experienced team can accurately restore it. We are committed to restoring the appearance and functionality of the body by eliminating dents, deformations, or cracks.

Systems inspection

We inspect the hydraulic, electrical, and control systems, as well as the snowplow blade, to ensure everything is functional and working as intended.

Parts replacement

If parts of your snow removal equipment are damaged or worn out, we can replace them with high-quality parts specifically designed for your snow removal equipment, ensuring reliable and durable performance.

  • Blade straightening
  • Axle replacement
  • Tire and wheel replacement

Safely clear the roads of snow

Your safety and that of others on snowy roads are our top priority. We are committed to providing fast, reliable, and high-quality service to help you confidently face the most challenging winter conditions. By choosing Redrex’s professional straightening services, your snow removal equipment will regain its power to accompany you throughout the winter season.

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